Knowledge is power. Rapid consolidation, new business models and increasing competition demand faster decision making based on reliable data.

In rapidly changing market conditions, organisations in the insurance industry need more real-time insight and knowledge based on accurate data than ever before. There is no margin for error and no time to waste wading through mountains of data.

UPM2 Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions help your operational and executive management to gain easy and timely access to high quality, robust information they require for decision making in order to achieve your business goals.

Business benefits:

  • Real-time sales and marketing analysis
  • Channel performance insights
  • Operational performance management and KPI monitoring
  • Claims management performance monitoring
  • Fraud management performance monitoring

Proactive risk management dealing with unknown threats like natural disasters or human health crises demands more than ever timely, fact based decision making.

The fast adoption of mobile technology allows agile and competitive insurance organisations to leverage all communication channels in order to share and act on valuable business insights and alerts.

The UPM2 Business Intelligence and Reporting system can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of the wider UPM2 suite of product.

To learn more: UPM2 Business Intelligence 

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